Saturday, August 19, 2023

ZARD 32nd Single - Get U're Dream

Track list

All songs are written by Izumi Sakai and composed by Aika Ohno

1. Get U're Dream
arrangement: Takeshi Hayama
Michael Africk, Aika Ohno and Izumi Sakai participated in chorus part
the song was used in NHK's Sydney Olympics as theme song

2. Get U're Dream (version 2)
arrangement: Akihito Tokunaga
compared to first version, this arrangement has rock feel

3. Get U're Dream (version 3)
arrangement: Yoko Blaqstone
Yoko Blaqstone fully participated in chorus part, this arrangement has r&b feel

4. Get U're Dream(original karaoke)

5. Get U're Dream (Perry Geyer Short Mix)
remix: perry geyer
MIchael Africk fully participated in chorus part