Friday, March 27, 2020

FACES 4.0 - Facial Recognition For Law Enforment

FACES 4.0 makes it easy for any police officer to create accurate composites on any standard desktop or laptop computer. Composites can be created more quickly and inexpensively and used to solve crimes when a professional sketch artist isn’t available. 

FACES 4.0 lets you create accurate composites of either sex and any race. Selected features are blended together to produce a photo-quality composite image. 

FACES 4.0 Features:
    Creates photo-like composites
    Generates unique alphanumeric code for every composite
    Extensive database of facial features
    Runs on any standard desk or laptop computer
    Expanded Latin, Asian and African-American features
    Three-tone hair color
    Side to side hair flip
    Facial markings: scars, moles, piercing, tattoos
    Improved age progression
    Detachable hats and headwear
    Ability to export composite as JPEG file
    Integration with TRAK alert system
    Slide show capability
    “Not A Real Photograph” Indicator
    Improved zooming and positioning tools